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Beam NPN Photoelectric Sensor G23

Photoelectric Sensors detect photo-optical workpieces. USYUMO provides many varieties of Sensor, including diffuse-reflective, through-beam, retro-reflective, and distance-settable Sensors.
  • G23



Beam NPN Photoelectric Sensor G23

Principle of photoelectric switch

The working principle of the photoelectric switch is that when the beam ermitted by the emitter is blocked or partly reflected by the object, the beam receiver whereby makes a judgment and reacts.

Model Description


 Model Parameter

Model G23
Working voltage 10-30VDC
DC/SCR/Control output DC:200mA   AC:300mA
DC/AC Consumption current DC<15mA   AC<10mA
DC/AC Response time DC<2ms   AC<2ms
Directional angle 3°-10°
Directed object Transparent   or opaque body
Working environment temperature -25℃~ +55℃
Intensity of illumination of working environment Sunlight   under 10000LX incandescent lamp under 3000LX
Shell material Metal
Protection grade IP54

Product Introduction

    the Optical Switch Sensor. This sensor utilizes light beams such as near-infrared and infrared to detect and distinguish objects. With the instantaneous emission of a weak light beam by the photoelectric device, it can be safely and reliably transmitted and received with accuracy. Light is an electromagnetic wave with a transmission speed of approximately 300,000 kilometers per second, which allows the sensor to respond quickly upon emission. The Optical Switch Sensor is the perfect solution for your sensing needs, providing precision and efficiency in every use. Trust in our product to deliver exceptional results and enhance your operations.




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