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Infrared Light Curtain Sensor For Automatic Sliding Door GM20-4J

Safety light curtains, also called photoelectric safeguarding device, photoelectric protector, or area interrupted by an object, the device sends out a signal to stop the operating machinery and equipments, lowering the possibility of
personnel being hurt and effectively safeguar ding the workers.

Infrared  Light Curtain Sensor For Automatic Sliding Door GM20-4J

Features and Applications

1. Applicable for the safety detection of automatic assembly line, elevator, danger   restricted zone, metal forming machine, punching & shearing machine tool, paper cutter and so on and has protection function.

2 .Adopting synchronism scanning technology, concentrated beam path, non working blind area, strong anti-interference ability, and convenient installation.

3. Resistance to mutual interference function. It is possible to closely mount more than 2 sets of devices.

4. Fault self-check, function, power failure stop, inner component fault stop, connection fault stop, object invading stop signal output.

5. Attached with specific control supplying powerful control function.

Model Description

Light Curtain Model Definition

Product Parameter

Model GM20-4J
Mains voltage N:12-24VDC   J:10-48VDCIVAC
Consumption   current Under 100mA
Response time Under 200mS
Output form Collector open circuit NPN type:current 100mA,residual voltage 1.6V
Output state ON   ON when all the optic axis is photic
Optic source LED Infrared ray LED
Connection way With specific cable   connector
Shell material PMMA   Shell: Al alloy, color filtre cover:PMMA
Environment-resisting light Incandescent   lamp:intensity of ilumination of photic surface 3000Lx,sunlightintensity of   ilumiation of photic surface 10000Lx
Ambient   temperature Working   state:-10-50°(No ice) Storage state:-40-70° -10-55°
Environment  humidity Working   state:35-85RH         Storage state:   35-95RH
Vibration Vibration   frequency:10-55Hz,Vibration range:1.5mm,each direction of  X 、Y、Z for 2 hours
Shock Acceleration:500/s   ( about 50g) ,3 times forX、Y、Z each.
TYPE GMK controller
Mains voltage 200-220VAC±10%;50/60Hz,3.5VA
Consumption   current <100mA
Response time <20mS
Output COSΦ-1,AC250V5A,NO NC
Optic source LED
Delayed   function 0.01~ 5S Delay on,on   Delay
Indicator   light Power   indicator(G),LED(R)
Shell material ABS
Ambient   temperature Working state:-35-55°(No ice) Storage state:-40-70°
Environment   humidity Working state:35-85RH            Storage state:   35-95RH
Vibration Vibration frequency:10-55Hz,Vibration range:1.5mm,each direction of  X 、Y、Z for 2 hours
Shock Acceleration:500/s   ( about 50g) ,3 times for X、Y、Z each.

Product Introduction

    Introducing our high-quality Light Curtain Sensor, perfect for ensuring safety in automatic assembly lines, elevators, hazardous areas, metal forming machines, punching and shearing machines, and paper cutting machines. Our Light Curtain Sensor comes equipped with a protection function, making it an essential safety feature in any workplace.

    Our Light Curtain Sensor uses synchronous scanning technology, with a concentrated beam path that eliminates blind spots and provides excellent resistance to interference. It is also easy to install, making it a convenient and practical choice for any safety application.

    This sensor also features anti-interference capabilities, allowing for the installation of two or more devices in close proximity without any issues. With self-diagnostic functions, it can detect and alert you of any faults, including power, internal components, and connection issues. It also has a stop signal output for intrusion detection.

    To provide you with powerful control functions, our Light Curtain Sensor comes with a specialized controller that can help you manage your safety systems effectively. Trust in our Light Curtain Sensor to keep your workplace safe and secure.

GM20-4 Dimension



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