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  • YUMO New Arrival---Mini Incremental Encoder---Rotary Encoder M14 Series


    YUMO New Arrival---Mini Incremental Encoder---Rotary Encoder M14 Series Solid Shaft Encoder M14S3-1024BZ3-5L AdvantagesSmall Size Full function High frequency response Stable and reliable performance Long service life Model ExplanationM14S31024BZ35LSolid Shaft Incremental EncoderOD:φ14mmShaft type: Read More

  • YUMO Team Activities


    YUMO Family Leisure Time Read More

  • What is the sensor?


    What is a sensor?The sensor is a kind of detection device, which can sense the measured information and transform the sensed information into electrical signals or other required forms of information output according to certain rules to meet the requirements of information transmission, processing, Read More

  • Photoelectric Sensors & Their Applications


    A photoelectric sensor is used to detect the presence (or absence) of an object, or for measuring the distance between a point and an object. It uses visible red light or infrared light from a transmitter and also has a photoelectric receiver. A photoelectric sensor becomes a popular choice in autom Read More

  • How does an encoder work?


    Encoders may produce either incremental or absolute signals YUMO Automation | Sales representative of Encoders, Sensors, Programmable Logic Controllers, Human Machine Interfacte, Slip rings, Couplings Read More

  • The Master of Positioning in Motor -- Encoder


    How do elevators, which are often used in daily life, accurately send people to designated floors? How does the machine tool cut materials accurately? How to ensure the accuracy of rotation position of servo motor? All this is due to a kind of artifact, encoder. But what is encoder? How can it accur Read More

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