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The rotary encoder (also known as angle encoder) adopts the principle of transformer to measure angle. It has no contact, long service life, high accuracy, high reliability, fast tracking speed, high and low temperature resistance, waterproof, dustproof and corrosive gas resistance, vibration resistance, strong electromagnetic interference resistance and other characteristics. Widely used in various harsh environments requiring high accuracy and reliability

When selecting rotary encoders, we should select products that are consistent with the equipment performance and meet our own application. Compared with similar products, we should also select well-known enterprises as far as possible when selecting encoder manufacturers. The product quality and service quality are more guaranteed. YUMO has its own encoder factory. With nearly 14 years of experience in selling various encoders (hollow shaft encoders, solid shaft encoders, flange encoders, motor encoders, absolute value encoders, etc.), the pre-sale service and after-sales service are first-class, so you have no worries at all.

CHINA YUMO ELECTRIC CO., LTD, founded in 2007, is a professional manufacturer in the field of industrial automation control.


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