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Encoder And Sensor Applications

Encoders are used to translate rotary or linear motion into a digital signal. Usually this is for the purpose of monitoring or controlling motion parameters such as speed, rate, direction, distance, or position. When applying them, selecting the optimum model, and specifying the appropriate configuration are critical for success.  Proper encoder selection begins by understanding the role of it in the motion control system.

Sensors between a point and an object. It uses visible red light or infrared light to induct objects. Sensors become a popular choice in automation since they provide quick and reliable results without having to physically touch the object. are used to detect the presence (or absence) of an object, or for measuring the distance.

To assist you with product selection, we’ve compiled a library of typical applications and categorized them by both type and industry. These application examples represent a significant portion of encoders and sensors used throughout the industrial marketplace.

Since 2007, millions of YUMO encoders and sensors have been applied for countless feedback requirements in nearly every conceivable industry. It’s in these real-world applications that YUMO products, and the engineering behind them, are put to the test.
  • Aerospace
    In the aerospace industry, rotary encoders and inductive sensors applications combine demands for high-precision feedback along with the ability to operate in extreme environmental conditions. Whether installed on airborne systems, ground support vehicles, testing fixtures, maintenance equipment, f Read More
  • Material Handling
    Actions such as conveying, lifting, pick and place and other automated functions represent one or more axes of rotary motion found in material handling equipment. For accurate control, often a rotary shaft encoder is a preferred sensor for motion feedback.Many material handling functions are often d Read More
  • Mobile Equipment
    Automated and electronically controlled systems abound in modern mobile equipment used in industries such as construction, material handling, mining, rail maintenance, agriculture, and firefighting. It’s critical that sensor technology be robust enough to handle the shock, vibration, dust, moisture, Read More
  • Packaging
    The packaging industry typically utilizes equipment involving rotary motion along several axes. This includes actions such as spooling, indexing, sealing, cutting, conveying and other automated machine functions that usually represent an axis of rotary motion. For accurate control, often a rotary en Read More
  • Textiles
    In textile manufacturing machinery, rotary encoders are employed to provide critical feedback for speed, direction, and distance. High-speed, precisely controlled operations such as weaving, knitting, printing, extruding, seaming, gluing, cut to length and others are typical applications for rotary Read More
  • Timber Products
    A demanding industry for machinery and machine components, timber products manufacturing machinery often requires robust rotary encoders. Mobile timber processors, loaders, hoists, de-barkers, conveyors, saws, and planers all involve high powered, high-intensity motion to transport and process logs Read More
  • Converting
    In converting machinery, rotary encoders are employed to provide critical feedback for speed, direction, and distance. High-speed, precisely controlled operations such as spooling, laminating, folding, seaming, gluing, die-cutting, cut to length and others are typical applications for rotary encode Read More
  • Metal Forming & Fabrication
    As an industry that dates back to the bronze age, metal forming, and fabrication still has a place for manual processes. However, like most modern industrial sectors, automated equipment is used by most commercial metal product producers. With automation comes the need for feedback devices, such a Read More
  • Food & Beverage
    Machinery in the food and beverage manufacturing industry includes a wide range of operations such as processing, filling, packaging, material handling and labeling. Depending on the stage of the manufacturing process and the operating environment, rotary encoders in food and beverage manufacturing Read More
  • Printing
    The wide variety of automated machinery used in the printing industry presents innumerable application points for rotary encoders. Commercial printing technologies such as offset web, sheet fed, direct to plate, inkjet, binding, and finishing involve rapid feed speeds, precise alignment and coordin Read More
  • AMRs | Autonomous Vehicles & Autonomous Mobile Robots
    Whether you're working on Automated Guided Vehicles (AGV), Automated Guided Carts (AGC), or Autonomous Mobile Robot (AMR), or any of the other designations being used, robots and robotics is becoming increasingly important to the industry, moving parts, and materials in every environment from manufa Read More
  • CNC Machine
    Encoders play important role in CNC machines on which the machining accuracy depends, especially the MPG---Manual Pulse Generator. The handwheel as a common manual operation part is widely used in the CNC lathe processing center and measuring center. It brought a lot of convenience to the lathe oper Read More
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