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Timber Products

A demanding industry for machinery and machine components, timber products manufacturing machinery often requires robust rotary encoders.  Mobile timber processors, loaders, hoists, de-barkers, conveyors, saws, and planers all involve high powered, high-intensity motion to transport and process logs and timber products. In almost every operation, some form of rotary motion is required. Among the various sensor technology options available, such as transducers or proximity switches, rotary encoders are often selected for feedback requirements due to their precision.

Encoders used in timber products applications generally require housings and environmental ratings consistent with the presence of shock, vibration, moisture, dust, debris, and oil.  Whenever possible, an industrial housing should be used.

The Timber Products industry typically uses encoders for the following functions:

  • Motor Feedback - Saws, planers, mills, conveyors, hoists

  • Conveying - Dimensional lumber transport, sheet goods transport

  • Registration Mark Timing - Gantry systems, stackers

  • Backstop Gauging - Sheet goods handling

  • X-Y Positioning - Log scanning systems, log mills

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