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In the aerospace industry, rotary encoders and inductive sensors applications combine demands for high-precision feedback along with the ability to operate in extreme environmental conditions.  Whether installed on airborne systems, ground support vehicles, testing fixtures, maintenance equipment, flight simulators or automated manufacturing machinery, rotary incremental encoders and photoelectric sensors are widely applied in aerospace. Encoders used in aerospace applications generally require housings and environmental ratings consistent with the presence of shock, vibration, and extreme temperatures.

Automatic doors and gates, for example on buses, trains, elevators, garages, etc. need to have reliable sensing technology so that they open and close at correct times. The entire area in front of the door needs to be under the sensing area for the automated doors to work properly. Light Curtain Sensors coupled with infrared scanners can detect approaching people or vehicles.

The aerospace industry typically uses encoders and sensors to provide feedback for the following functions:

  • Motor Feedback - Actuators, ground support vehicles, antenna positioning systems

  • Conveying - Baggage handling systems

  • Registration Mark Timing - Antenna positioning, airborne guidance systems

  • Backstop Gauging - Automated assembly systems

  • X-Y Positioning - Automated assembly systems

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