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Food & Beverage

Machinery in the food and beverage manufacturing industry includes a wide range of operations such as processing, filling, packaging, material handling and labeling. Depending on the stage of the manufacturing process and the operating environment, rotary encoders in food and beverage manufacturing may need to be specified with features such as stainless-steel housings, high temperature or low temperature ratings, and IP67 environmental sealing.

Manufacturing and packaging lines in the food and beverage industries also use sensors. For example, a plant to cap bottles must be equipped with correctly aligning and orienting each bottle cap. If there are any mistakes in the positioning, the sensors can help to detect them to allow for the smooth running of the plant.

Some examples of encoder and sensor applications in Food and Beverage manufacturing:

  • Filling - In-line fillers, auger fillers, peristaltic fillers, rotary fillers

  • Motor Feedback - Capping, bottling, processing

  • Conveying - Metal detection, inspection, machine feed systems

  • Registration Mark Timing - Pick and place robots, rotary tables for filling, bottle labeling

  • X-Y Positioning - Pick and place robotics

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