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What Can I Do If The Safety Light Curtain Malfunctions?

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Safety light curtain belongs to electronic products, after using for a long time, it is inevitable that there are some small faults and so on. At this time, how should we solve it?

First of all, you need to notify the workers, so that the workers do not know the safety light curtain problems, but also thought it was normal, will work in accordance with the previous work situation, which can easily lead to the occurrence of safety accidents. Wait for the safety light curtain protection device is completely repaired, and then notify the workers to work normally.

Second, the safety of the light curtain failure to make a preliminary judgement on the emergence of the problem it is best to record, and then the specific problem with the manufacturer's engineers to communicate. You can consult by phone, if the phone consultation can not solve the problem, then you need to send the product back to the manufacturer for repair.

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Third, before sending the product back to the manufacturer, you need a simple check, such as checking whether the indicator light is normally lit, check whether the power cord is in good contact, check the controller and transmitter, receiver, etc., whether the power contact is good, a simple check whether it is due to wiring problems. After these exclusions, and then send the product back to the manufacturer, so as not to be a small problem and can be solved by themselves, not after careful examination of the factory, it will waste time, but also cause unnecessary trouble.

Fourth, see whether the safety light curtain belongs to the use of the period, if it has exceeded the period, it is best to change a new one, so that in the future use, with more peace of mind, safety is also guaranteed.

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Safety light curtain is a more important safety protection device, usually we should often check the maintenance in the work, the first time to find the problem, so as not to cause unnecessary accidents due to failure. If there is a problem with the safety light curtain, it should be repaired in a timely manner.

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