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NO+NC Metal Inductive Proximity Sensor Detection Distance 2mm Switch

Strong ability to adapt to harsh environments - Generally, sensors work in a wide range of environments, from extremely cold to extremely hot areas, many of which work in the open air. They can resist flying sand, rolling stones, dust, moisture, salt corrosion, acid corrosion, pollution gas interference, high temperature, extreme cold, strong vibration, shock and other conditions. They also have strong noise resistance, High signal-to-noise ratio.
  • LM12-3002PCT



LM12-3002PCT cylinderical inductive proximity switch
Outside diameter 12mm cylinder inductive proximity switch, sensing range from 2mm~4mm .

China YUMO offer customized design!

Detecting rang 2mm YUMO part no. other part no. OMRON Omron part no. Autonics  Part no.
Flush DC NPN NO LM12-3002NA LJ12A3-2-Z/BX E2E-X2E1 PR12-2DN
NC LM12-3002NB LJ12A3-2-Z/AX E2E-X2E2 PR12-2DN2
NO+NC LM12-3002NC LJ12A3-2-Z/CX

PNP NO LM12-3002PA LJ12A3-2-Z/BY E2E-X2F1 PR12-2DP
NC LM12-3002PB LJ12A3-2-Z/AY E2E-X2F2 PR12-2DP2
NO+NC LM12-3002PC LJ12A3-2-Z/CY

2 Wires NO LM12-3002LA LJ12A3-2-Z/EX

NC LM12-3002LB LJ12A3-2-Z/DX

AC SCR NO LM12-2002A LJ12A3-2-J/EZ E2E-X2Y1 PR12-2AO
NC LM12-2002B LJ12A3-2-J/DZ E2E-X2Y2 PR12-2AC


Relay output

Detecting rang 4mm
Non-flush DC NPN NO LM12-3004NA LJ12A3-4-Z/BX E2E-X5ME1 PR12-4DN
NC LM12-3004NB LJ12A3-4-Z/AX E2E-X5ME2 PR12-4DN2
NO+NC LM12-3004NC LJ12A3-4-Z/CX

PNP NO LM12-3004PA LJ12A3-4-Z/BY E2E-X5MF1 PR12-4DP
NC LM12-3004PB LJ12A3-4-Z/AY E2E-X5MF2 PR12-4DP2
NO+NC LM12-3004PC LJ12A3-4-Z/CY

2 Wires NO LM12-3004LA LJ12A3-4-Z/EX

NC LM12-3004LB LJ12A3-4-Z/DX

AC SCR NO LM12-2004A LJ12A3-4-J/EZ E2E-X5MY1 PR12-4AO
NC LM12-2004B LJ12A3-4-J/DZ E2E-X5MY2 PR12-4AC

Relay output

Sensor Characteristics
Output current DC 200mA
SCR/relay 300mA
Output voltage drop DC(NPN;PNP)type<3V;2wires type:<3.9V;AC type: AC <10VDC< 3V ;AC< 10V
Consumption current DC(NPN;PNP) DC 12V 8mA;24V 15mA; AC type: AC<10mA DC<15mA;AC<10mA
Standard detected object 15×15×1(A3 Iron)
Repeated precision 0.01
Response Frequency 400Hz/25Hz
Working environment temperature -25ºC ~+75ºC
Insulation resistance ≥50MΩ
Shell material Metal
Protection grade IP67
Alternative model E2E-X5M



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