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YUMO LM18 PNP Proximity sensor switch

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 Product Description

Main features of proximity switch sensor:

Compact volume
High precision of repeated location
Diversified exterior structures
Good performance of anti-interference
Many output forms
High on-off frequency
Wide voltage range
Dustproof, vibtation proof,waterproof and oil proof
With short-circuit protection and inverted connecting protection
Long service life




 Application Video


 Comment & FAQ

Q:How to order our product ?

A:1).Please tell us the model and quantity and other request you need.

  2).We make the PI for you.

  3).After you confirm the PI, we arrange the order for you after receiving your payment.

  4).After the goods finished, we send the goods out to you and tell you the tracking number.

  5).We will track your goods until you receive the goods.

Q:  What's your warranty ?

A: One years

Q: What's your contact information:

A: Our address: Liushi town, Zhejiang province, China.  

Q: What's your shipment method?

A: We ship by Express, by air, by sea, by train. Normally we checked and compare, then provide customer the most proper shipment method.

Q: What's about MOQ?

A: First order MOQ=1pcs

Q: If i want to release order, what's the payment method you accept ?

A: We accept T/T, Paypal, Western union, L/C.

Q: If i want to release order, what's the process?

A: Thanks. You can send inquiry to us by alibaba, or send us by email, we will reply within 24hrs.

Thank you & Now pls send your  kindly inquiry !  ^!^


 Data Sheet

Model No. LM18-3008PCT
Working voltage 6-36VDC
Output form Three-wire DC PNP Output
Output state NO+NC
Structural category Connnector type(with aviation connector)
Shell Material Metal
Protection grade IP67
Detection distance 8mm
Detection type Non-flush
LM18 Inductive proximity switch
Detecting range 5mm Cylinder type Connector type
Flush DC   NPN NO LM18-3005NA LM18-3005NAT
NC LM18-3005NB LM18-3005NBT
NO+NC LM18-3005NC LM18-3005NCT
  PNP NO LM18-3005PA LM18-3005PAT
NC LM18-3005PB LM18-3005PBT
NO+NC LM18-3005PC LM18-3005PCT
2 Wires NO LM18-3005LA LM18-3005LAT
NC LM18-3005LB LM18-3005LBT
AC SCR NO LM18-2005A LM18-2005AT
NC LM18-2005B LM18-2005BT
NO+NC LM18-2005C
Relay output

                          Detecting rang 8mm
Non-flush DC NPN NO LM18-3008NA LM18-3008NAT
NC LM18-3008NB LM18-3008NBT
NO+NC LM18-3008NC LM18-3008NCT
PNP NO LM18-3008PA LM18-3008PAT
NC LM18-3008PB LM18-3008PBT
NO+NC LM18-3008PC LM18-3008PCT
2 Wires NO LM18-3008LA LM18-3008LAT
NC LM18-3008LB LM18-3008LBT

SCR NO LM18-2008A LM18-2008AT
NC LM18-2008B LM18-2008BT
NO+NC LM18-2008C
Relay output


 Product Picture

LM18-3008PCT (5)
LM18-3008PCT (3)

LM18-3008PCT (2)

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