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YUMO Rotary encoder

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YUMO Rotary encoder

    A rotary encoder is a type of encoder that is used to convert rotary motion or angular position into an electrical signal that can be read by a computer or other device. Rotary encoders are extensively used in applications that require precise and accurate control of position or speed.

    A rotary encoder typically consists of a circular or cylindrical body with a series of metal contacts or magnetic sensors, known as "detents", arranged around its circumference. As the encoder shaft rotates, the detents come into contact with and disrupt the electrical field of the sensors, producing a signal that is proportional to the position or rotation angle of the encoder.

    The most common type of rotary encoder is the optical encoder. In an optical encoder, the detents consist of a pattern of alternating transparent and opaque segments, which are illuminated by a light source. As the encoder shaft rotates, a photosensor detects the disruptions in the light pattern and produces an electrical signal that corresponds to the position of the encoder.

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    Another type of rotary encoder is the magnetic encoder, which uses a series of magnetic sensors and magnets to detect the position of the encoder. Magnetic encoders are more durable and reliable than optical encoders, but they are also more expensive.

    Rotary encoders are widely used in industrial automation, robotics, motor control systems, and other applications that require precise and accurate position or speed control. They are also used in consumer electronics, such as stereo systems, DVD players, and computer peripherals.

    One of the main advantages of rotary encoders is their ability to provide real-time feedback on position or speed changes. This feedback is essential in applications that require precise and accurate control, such as robotics and motor control. Rotary encoders also have a high degree of resolution and accuracy, allowing them to detect even very small position changes.

    In addition to their accuracy and precision, rotary encoders are also very reliable and durable. They are designed to withstand harsh environments and can operate under extreme temperatures, humidity, and vibration.


    Rotary encoders come in a wide range of sizes, styles, and configurations to meet the needs of different applications. Some encoders are designed for high-speed applications, while others are intended for low-speed applications. Some encoders have incremental outputs, providing a signal that changes with each incremental rotation, while others have absolute outputs, providing a unique digital signal for each position.

YMRZM-2500BZ-C12-24 (3)ERN1387 (4)

    In conclusion, rotary encoders are an essential component in many high-precision, high-reliability applications. With their precise, real-time position and speed feedback, high-resolution capability, and durability, rotary encoders are an excellent solution for a wide range of automation and control needs. Whether you require an encoder for an industrial automation system, a motor control application, or a consumer electronics product, a rotary encoder is an excellent choice.

CHINA YUMO ELECTRIC CO., LTD, founded in 2007, is a professional manufacturer in the field of industrial automation control.


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