Product Name£ºPS-219 Infrared sensor LED lamp
Detailed Product Description

PS-219 Infrared sensor LED lamp
LED Infrared sensor lamp switch, sound light lamp switch

PS-219 Infrared sensor LED lamp,led automatic lights

YUMO energy-saving lamp use Light perception and human being¡¯s infrared rays as control source. It can control the light automatically. At the same time the lamp can last for a while. The light has the features of energy saving, no mechanical contact, no spark and durable in use. Widely used in aisles, washrooms etc.

Technical parameter:
1¡¢sensing mod:PIR Inductive + light control
2¡¢working voltage:180-220V  50HZ
3¡¢light power:LED lamp 1.8W

5¡¢lasting time:60s¡À10s
6¡¢beam distance:¡Ü6m /20C degree
7¡¢beam angle:115¡ã
8¡¢act illumination:¡Ü5lux  or whole day