Product Name£ºInsulation Sheet 3250
Product Description


Fiberglass Silicone Board meets G7 NEMA Standrard.

Fiberglass Silicone Board is created from electrical glass cloth with alkali-free that has been impregnated with silicone resin under pressure. heat and rolling. The thermal grade is class H insulation. With excellent mechanical strength and dielectric property, wet-resistant . Used for the insulating slots. windings. gaskets. junction board of the dry-type transformer/railway transformer/electrical equipment/traction motor etc.
glass cloth laminated, glass clothes laminated
Sheets: Thickness0.5-200mm Size:1000X2000mm

Technical data

No Specification Unit Index

1 Water absorption 0.4-12mm mg 28-85

2 Flexural strength perpendicular to lamination Mpa >= 119.6

3 Notch impact strength parallel to KJ/ M2 >= 24.9

lamination charpy

4 Electrical strength parallel to lamination KV 25

in transformer oil 90 +- 2 oC (1min)

5 5Insulation resistivity parallel to M ¦¸ >= 1X10 2

lamination after wet

6 Dissipation factor 1MHZ after wet <= 0.07

7 Permittivity at 1MHZ after wet <= 6
glass cloth laminated, glass clothes laminated