Product Name£ºCircuit Board (Circuitry Board)
Detailed Product Description

Circuit Board,circuitry board,PCB,printed circuit board,electronic PCB,integrated circuit board

This Co. can carry on PROTEL, PADS, SMART-MORK etc. various PCB files and make tin-sprayed, gold-plated, golden finger etc. circuit boards of various types; use graphic electric plating and hole-masking manufacture workmanship, forming an evenly thick graphic copper layer and make the circuit board of a high welding performance with eyelets and thin lines. For the surface treatment, use bare-copper foil oxidation-inhibited film processing workmanship and the application of fitting components on a hot surface. Of the chemical gold-plating workmanship, it features a small contacting resistance, good conductivity, flat and neat welding disk and is suitable for multiple ways of welding.

Single-/dual-surface gold-plated or tin-sprayed printing board
Common basic materials:
Thickness of board material:
Thickness of copper-foil basic material:
18 micron(1/2oz), 35 micron(1oz), 70 micron(2oz)
Maximum area:
450mm 800mm
Minimum drill diameter:
Minimum line width/space:
thickness of plated layer:
0.5-2 uinch gold-plate for ( 0.01-0.05 um )
Thickness of the copper wall of tin-plated boards hole:
1-1.5milli-inch(25-35 micron)
Thickness of the copper wall of flash gold-plated boards hole
0.2-0.6microinch(5-15 micron)
Gold thickness:
5-30microinch (0.15-0.75 micron)
Weld-resisting ink:
Photoactive oil PSR550, DSR2200, Reinhot oil 401, 402, ND4
Appearance process:
Wash, CNC mills ,V-cuts
Line-W/Interval: 20%(conventionality), 10%(Especial Require)
Plated through-hole
0.003inch Or 0.075mm
14. non-plated through-hole
0.00inch Or 0.50mm