Product Name£ºHGD-6610 multimedia box

  multi media box Residential Information Distribution Box, multimedia distribution box, Residential Information Distribution Box

                     HGD-6 series of residential information distribution box

                    The arrangement electric wire box is an artificial intelligence light-current system  used as multimedia arrange information box in the household. The box adopts the format of light-tight box, the structure of modularization. It has attractive appearance, elaborate volume, economical and more practical compare to the like products. The arrangement electric wire boxes can install modules like Cable Television/Data/Phoneme Interface Module, Security Monitoring Module, Broadband Network Exchanger, Broadband Router, and Power Source.

                     HGD-6 series of arrangement electric wire box's case is a metallic box made by plastic decking.

                     Size of the HGD-6 Series case: 310*200*85mm