Product Name£ºDZS12-¡ơ Manual motor starter accessory
Electricity release


Model Type Installation Contact type
DZS12-A01 Accessory contact Side(right side of breaker 2 at most) N/C+N/O
DZS12-A02 N/O+N/O
DZS12-A03 N/C+N/O+N/O
DZS12-A05 N/O+N/O+N/O
Model Type Installation Contact type
DZS12-B11 Under voltage release Inlay inside 110,220,127V50Hz 120,127V 60Hz
DZS12-B11 220,240V 50Hz 240,277V 60Hz
DZS12-B38 380,415V 50Hz 480V 60Hz
DZS12-D11 Over current release 110,220,127V 50Hz 120,127 60Hz
DZS12-D22 220,240V 50Hz 240,277V 60Hz
DZS12-D38 380,415V 50Hz 480V 60Hz
Main technical parameters  
Model Type Installation Contact type
DZS12-AE1 Instantaneous accessory contact In the front(every break is one) N/O+N/C
DZS12-AE11 N/O+N/C
DZS12-AE20 N/O+N/C
DZS12-AN11 Side(left side of breaker 2 at most) N/O+N/C
DZS12-AN20 N/O+N/C
DZS12-AD1010 Trouble signal contact + Instantaneous accessory contact Side(3) (circuit breaker left side of 1) N/O+N/C
DZS12-AD1001 (Trouble)+N/C
DZS12-AD0110 N/O+N/C
DZS12-AD0101 (Trouble)+N/C
DZS12-AM11 Short-circuit signal contact Side(left side of breaker of 1) C/O ordinary nod
Model Type Installation Voltage
DZS12-AU115 The low-voltage release Side(right side of breaker one) 110.127V 50Hz
DZS12-AU225 220.240V 50Hz
DZS12-AU385 380.415V 50Hz
DZS12-AS115 Over current release 110.127V 50Hz
DZS12-AS225 220.240V 50Hz
DZS12-AS385 380.415V 50Hz
DZS12-AX115 The low-voltage release INRS(4) - 110.127V 50Hz
DZS12-AX225 220.240V 50Hz
DZS12-AX385 380.415V 50Hz