Product NameLM-G3 Series PLC
LEC G3 Series PLC 

LEC G3 Series PLC is a kind of small PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) using the latest technology of computer, communications, electronics and automatic control. It is widely used in printing machines, textile machines, packaging machines, building machines, plastic machines, machine tools, environment protection equipment, air-conditioners, elevators, building automatic control, etc.

LEC G3 Series PLC has the following features:
,Good control functions. The CPU chip uses 16-bit processor specially for industrial control. The CPU can perform both small PLC functions (such as data transmission, comparison, calculations, cycling, subprogram calling, network communication, multiplelayer nesting) and medium-sized & large PLC functions (such as SP tilt PID control, soft-start). The CPU can conduct not only close loop analog control over temperature, pressure, flow, etc., but also motion control over position, speed, acceleration, etc. The CPU can output 20KHz pulse for the control of stepping motors and 200KHz pulse for the control of servo- motors.

,Flexible system configuration. A wide range of modules can form different combinations to realize various control functions.

,Compact size. With high hardware integration, LEC G3 Series PLC is designed to be compact considering the limited installation space in the control cabinet.

,Easy to install. The PLC can be installed on DIN rail. WAGO wiring terminals are used to ensure the firm wiring and reduce wiring time by 75 percent.

,Power-off protection. Data loss can be avoided on power off as special data saving technology is used.

,Powerful analog processing capability. The CPU can LEC Series PLC simultaneously process dozens of analog points and do PID calculations of multiple loops.

,A plenty of commands. The commands such as bit logic, counter, timer, complicated algorithms, PID, string, clock, communications, motion control are provided.

,Practical off-line simulation. The good off-line simulation function makes program testing convenient.

,General Human-Machine-Interface (HMI). The standard interface is provided for the connection of the HMI such as Proface, Hitech, Eview.

,Standard programming language. The programming software PowerPro complies with IEC61131-3 international standard and provides five programming languages including LD, IL, FBD, ST, and SFC.

,Good communication function. The communication modules for RS485, Profibus-DP, DeviceNet, Modbus, Ethernet, Modem, LonWorks, CANopen, FF, GPRS/GSM are provided
to communicate with other systems.

Downloads PowerPro2.1.2EN  LM Micro PLC Hardware Manual.pdf
      LM MICRO PLC SELECTION GUIDE.pdf  LM Micro PLC Instruction Manual.pdf
      Codesys_v23_e.pdf  PowerPro Software Manual.rar