Product Name£ºAF series mini PLC
      FAB series mini PLC (intelligent controller) is a new type of programmable controller. As it is programmed by the means of FBD (Function Block Diagram) , it is more simple and easier to learn the programming of FAB than the conventional PLC programming (ladder diagram and instruction). In the design concept of the products of FAB series, the machine in the conventional separating PLC is combined with writer, and the program can be written directly on LCD front panel. As a result, the cost of the users can be reduced greatly, and moreover the great convenience can be provided to operators. Products of FAB series have a compact structure with a small size and a light weight, and they are especially suitable to be used incorporated. Besides, FAB series can be used in implementing the close and remote communication networking and monitoring so as to allow such small sized device to have strong function. And FAB series can realize telephone-control, voice prompting and dialling automatically functions, via jointly using with FAB-MUL Voice Block . At present, FAB is widely used in various fields of industry, agriculture, home automation, etc., and it really can be applied everywhere.
Features of FAB series
Exquisite and compact design
AF-10 Series£º90mm¡Á71mm¡Á58mm;
AF-20 Series£º90mm¡Á128mm¡Á58mm
Basic function blocks and special function blocks

With a function block, FAB can easily fulfill the control function, which the normal PLC must use a large section of program to do so. If several function blocks are linked together in a specific way, the relatively complex control functions can be implemented. As FAB has up to 127 function blocks for program storage, there is a sufficient application resource to fulfill the demand for more complex and advanced control, and the programs are written in, they will never be lost.

Operational display panel
There is an operating panel with LCD display on the front of FAB. It may be programmed directly by using this operation
Real-time clock circuit
FAB Intelligence Controller has an instant real-time recording function, and it can execute the operations per requirements. It has as many as 127 different time intervals can be set, so it is especially suitable for those systems which requite time control.
Telephone voice module
FAB has telephone and voice function blocks. It can dial directly through telephone line (need to set the telephone number beforehand, FAB can the dial the number automatically when the conditions are met) so as to implement inform or alarm functions. Moreover, it can also be dialed so as to control the terminal equipment wherever the user are. It is the first that FAB applies the voice recording and playing-back functions to the Automation Industry, creating the intelligence controllers, which can speak and implement the voice prompt function.
Analog input and transmission

In addition to receiving the switching input, FAB receives the analog inputs to implement the control for temperature, humidity, pressure, flow, liq

uid level, etc., and transmit them to remote PC for monitoring.

Remote program and data acquiring
FAB has a networking function that they can be linked with up to 32 FABs to make up a network and implement the instant supervision and control by one serial port on the same PC. By add more serial ports one PC can control more FABs.
Security cipher code function
FAB itself has an absolute security for the programs written in. The program can be written in or be modified only after the correct cipher code is entered.

6 points AC input 4 points relay output
6 points DC input 4 points relay output
6 points DC input 4 points electronic transistor output
6points DC input 4 points (with analog input) relay output
6points DC input 4 points electronic (with analog input) transistor output
12 points AC input 8 points relay output
12 points DC input 8 points relay output (without analog input)

12 points DC input 8 points electronic (without analog input) transistor output

12 points DC input 8 points (with analog input) relay output
12 points DC input 8 points electronic (with analog input) transistor output

Operational parts
LCD removable panel for programming
Cable for FAB and PC Modem for programming
Interface between 485bus and FAB for network monitor
Interface between 485bus and PC for network function
Interface between FAB and MODEM for remote control and programming
Voice module to realize voice function
Programming software (supplied free with the PLC)
(Supplied free with PLC)